Newborn/Infant Health

If you’re a new parent, bringing a baby into your home for the first time could be a little overwhelming. That’s why Morristown Medical Center Parent Education offers a class that will boost your confidence and alleviate your fears. “ABC’s of Going Home with Your Baby” addresses basic infant care, when to the call the pediatrician, how to manage pets and baby-proof rooms, crib safety and more. To register, call 973-971-5027.

Newborn/Infant Health Programs and Screenings

Education and prevention can keep you and your loved ones healthy. We invite you to take advantage of the programs, support groups and screenings available. Unless otherwise noted, for more information, fees, class locations, and to register for Parent Education programs at Overlook Medical Center, please call 908-522-2946; for Parent Education programs at Morristown Medical Center, please call 973-971-5027. View calendars with a full list of programs offered at Morristown Medical Center and Overlook Medical Center.

New Moms Support Group
New mothers can gain support and helpful parenting education, while sharing the joys and challenges of living with a newborn. This group is co-led by a professional social worker and nurse educator. Babies are welcome.
Morristown Medical Center, Auditorium A
For more information and to register, please call 972-971-5927.
ABC’s of Going Home with Your Baby
Topics include basic infant care, diapering, dressing, bathing, swaddling, holding, soothing, bottle feeding, when to call the baby’s doctor and how to manage with pets at home. Safety issues will also be addressed, including sleeping, cribs, car seats, baby products and baby-proofing your home.

Breastfeeding Your Baby Part 1 – Getting Started
Topics include breast milk production, skin-to-skin care, positioning and latching, how long and often to feed, and how to tell if the baby is getting enough milk. Partners are welcome.

Breastfeeding Your Baby Part 2 – Beyond the First Weeks
This class is for parents who have completed our “Breastfeeding Your Baby Part 1” class or who are interested in learning how to pump their own breast milk. Topics include pumping and storing breast milk, maintaining milk supply and returning to work while continuing to breastfeed. Partners are welcome. This class is available at Morristown Medical Center only.

Breastfeeding Your Baby: “The First Weeks at Home and Beyond Support Group” ($50 for two sessions)
This class is offers an opportunity for breastfeeding mothers and their babies to engage in open discussion on how to breastfeed successfully. Topics include common issues that arise during feeding, returning to the workplace, and proper use of a breast pump and milk storage. This class is available at Overlook Medical Center only.

Craniofacial and Plagiocephaly Clinic
A team of pediatric specialists will evaluate patients with craniofacial conditions and plagiocephaly. It is recommended that you contact your insurance provider for pre-approval; appointments are required.

         •Craniofacial Clinic
          Third Friday of each month, 9:00am to Noon

         •Plagiocephaly Clinic
          Second Friday of each month, Noon to 3:00pm
          Third Friday of each month, Noon to 3:00pm

Goryeb Children’s Hospital, Center for Advanced Medicine in Pediatrics (CAMP)
Farris Family Building, 3rd floor
For more information and to schedule an appointment, please call 973-971-8585.

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